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Legal Implications for Occupational Health Professionals

Notes from one of the other lectures at the NI OH update meeting.

 Legal Implications for Occupational Health Professionals

 Siobhan Donnelly, Lawyer/Safety Consultant

 How much law to impart?

  • What should I do I am being bullied?
  • I was suspended pending investigation, where to now?
  • My arms are still sore should I still be fitting blinds?
  • I know paint fumes are escaping from booths will I get asthma?
  • Do you think I should sue?

 Your dilemma

  • Commence Bullying investigation?
  • GP if medical issues, do not enter legal boxing ring.
  • Consultant re Repetitive strain, do not fear referral
  • Fear of developing condition can be psychological damage, initiate inspection
  • See a solicitor or you could be sued!


  • OH objectives: Policy
  • Risk assessment/risk control: Planning
  • OH management programme
  • Structure training awareness competence consultation emergency
  • Checking and corrective action
  • Management review

 Customer’s perspective

  • Fitness
  • Hazards
  • Promotion
  • Exposure
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Law
  • Management

 Beart v HM Prison – applies to you

  • Wrongful demotion, depressed never returned to work
  • Illness a disability
  • Private investigator, report wrongfully refused
  • Court held evidence re relocation or redeployment would have succeeded
  • Prison: already thought so badly of Beart felt justified in not accepting medical advice!
  • OH report: unlikely to recover until employment issues resolved, suggested redeployment.
  • OH report: unlikely to recover until employment issues resolved, suggested redeployment.
  • OH blamed by Prison as no prognosis given therefore could not reasonably redeploy ongoing illness
  • Held: No attempt at reasonableness under DDA

 Stress and Bullying

  • Barber v Somerset County Council
  • Managing Stress: Why you?
  • Hartman v South Essex mental Health CC Trust
  • Who manages your stress?
  • You know I am being bullied don”t you?

 Evaluation of OH

  • More aware physical hazards
  • Advice helped with day to day workloads
  • No difference in number of symptoms reported
  • Significant number of GP visits reduced


Health and Safety awareness needed:

  • For Patient benefit
  • For Self protection

Think legal agenda

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